Wondering how to get there?

Our Advisor Roadmap

Establishing a foundation for partnership

Together, we will explore the “Why” behind you and your business. We’ll learn about how your business is doing, what your goals for the next 12 months may be and what your plans are for increasing revenue. If the foundation for a partnership is present, we’ll move forward to create one.

Profiling Your Practice.

In this stage, we learn about your current and ideal clients, helping you to segment them into A, B and C categories. We help you profile your client base and identify your strongest contributors to success. Ultimately, we want to find the answer to one question: Where can UFC make the biggest impact on your practice?

Quantifying the Value AND Building an Action Plan.

Once we understand your goals, your clients and your practice, we work together to quantify the value of our partnership. Using a customized evaluation method, we’ll identify your top opportunities for PremiumLife™ IUL and PremiumLife Plus™ premium financing cases and build an action plan. Our goal is to start helping you help your clients as quickly as possible.

Getting Appointed.

In this stage, we get you licensed and appointed online with our major carriers so you can move your insurance business over to UFC. Our dedicated support staff and automated online system make this process quick and painless.

Building Your Knowledge.

Today’s life insurance strategies are complex and you’ll need a foundation of knowledge to build cases and answer client questions. Our experts will equip you with scripts, retail presentations, brochures, introductory points and everything else you need to speak to your clients. We’ll also be there to support you during initial client presentations.

Designing Cases.

In this stage, our internal experts will help you design cases for your top prospects, showing you how to incorporate client goals and integrate life insurance into existing strategies. Our goal is to help you build effective cases quickly and get clients approved.

Automating Your Marketing.

Referrals and prospecting are critical sources of new revenue and we have built a fully automated, customized marketing suite to help deliver new leads. Our goal is to help you duplicate your A clients and bring more of them to your practice.

Monitoring Success.

We are committed to supporting you and investing in your success on an ongoing basis. Our team will regularly meet with you to review your action plan and monitor your progress toward your goals. We have found that this ongoing support system is critical to helping our partners meet their business and personal goals.

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