Thanks for stopping by! From our early years as a company, we’ve stood by a simple belief that the quality of our people was paramount to our success. It’s proven true and today we are proud to work with such a talent-rich team… one of the best in the industry.

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Vincent Munno

President & CEO, CLU, CFP

Home Office Directory


Natalie Vasacas

Operations Director

Carly Mirando

Marketing Director and Executive Sales Support

Sales & Marketing

Dan DeMarco

Internal Sales

Matt Linklater

Internal Sales and Business Development Specialist

Jeff Mowry

Sr Financial Designer

Joe Sgroi

Financial Designer

Patrick Gawrych

Internal Sales

Melissa Vigil

Financial Designer

Jennifer Joyner

Financial Designer

New Business

Anita Castellano

New Business

James Gray

New Business

Sue Redding

New Business

Tiffany Gross


Contracting, Licensing & Commissions

Nancy Ridge


Administrative Support

Julie Stokes


Keith Hanley

IT Specialist