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UFC offers Internship and Employment Opportunities for St. Petersburg College Graduating Students.

Interested in a career at Universal Financial Consultants?

  • Advanced Financial Design – Creating Illustrations for New Business
  • Inforce Illustration Review – Supporting the Annual Renewal Process
  • Internal Wholesaler – Growing & Supporting the UFC Agent network
  • Case Management – New Business Processing and Case Followup
  • Licensing and Contracting – Onboarding of New Agents

Further detail on Advance Financial Illustration Design:

Vince Munno, the president of our company, is hiring for a position in advanced financial illustration design. Universal Financial Consultants is an Insurance Marketing Agency supporting the business of thousands of financial advisors around the country.
These agents sell a variety of investments through us like fixed annuities, index annuities, life insurance, index universal life, and long term care products. Each sale needs a product illustration to accompany it taking an analytical mind to
work out the variety of design scenarios.

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Beyond company specific illustrations, we use a financial analysis tool called InsMark to illustrate the impact of various financial opportunities for a client. This is a special service we offer our agents providing very detailed reports that require
extensive input. I would personally train any new hire on how to use the InsMark illustration design system along with product specific illustrations.

Even beyond this need, we have an advanced design system called Premium Life PlusTM. This is our brand of Premium Financing, which is exclusive to high net worth individuals that utilizes bank financing to invest in Index Universal Life products. The
right candidate to assist with Premium Life Plus™ illustrations will need to have advanced skills with Excel Spreadsheets along with both an analytical and creative mind. Scenario design for these highly specialized
financial illustrations are a critical core component of the success here at UFC.

Career opportunities are great here at UFC and I hope to help open up the same opportunities to other fellow SPC students!

I look forward to meeting you!

Jeff Mowry
2014 SPC Graduate
Business Data Analyst
Direct Line at UFC: 727-474-0318

Universal Financial Consultants (UFC) is an insurance and investment consulting organization that specializes in providing state-of-the-art, turn-key sales strategies to financial advisors across the United States. UFC is a founding member of Insurance Designers of America, one of the largest Brokerage General Agencies/Independent Marketing Organizations in the country.  More info


PremiumLife Plus™ is an advanced financial strategy that allows HNW individuals to purchase the life insurance they need while minimizing the disruption to their existing financial strategies. By financing premiums, clients may be able to limit their initial out-of-pocket costs, retaining their personal capital for other personal and business purposes.   More info

InsMark’s product line utilizes a unique approach to illustrating all forms of cash value life insurance. Illustration design requires the coordination of three disciplines: actuarial, legal and creative presentation, and no system is good at mastering all three.   More info

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